How To Carve A Pumpkin

The fact is we ONLY REALLY LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES & FAILURES. When things are easy and we are winning, it might feel great but we are not getting any better. We are actually benefitting from past lessons learned.

Secret Ingredients to Success

In our last installment, we talked about who you are and the different layers or circles you are made of. We talked about how our body, emotions, mind, and heart make up who you are and how you function. Today I want to share with you the “secret” ingredients that make these circles grow and in turn will give you … Read More

Who Are You???

Who are you, really? This is a question that might seem easy to answer. We are with ourselves all the time. 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year after year. Do we know who we are? Do we know what gives us joy? Do we know what drives us into depression? What makes us go and what … Read More

My Secret Love Affair

This is probably not much of a secret to those who know me. This love affair has been going on for 40 years now and has grown and matured over that time. This relationship has brought me pure joy, utter frustration, and endless entertainment. I have been through heartache and victory. I have been pleasantly shocked and extremely disappointed. Of … Read More

Pills/Surgery vs. Lifestyle Change

In today’s world, many of us are constantly looking for that quick fix or magic pill. We are consumed with faster, easier, and instant gratification. I don’t pretend to be a doctor and I do believe that modern medicine is vital and has its place in our society. I am thankful for the medical advances and that I get to … Read More

A Week From Hell!

I used this title to get you to click and read. Last week wasn’t really from hell. The part of the week that was straight from hell was actually the sweltering heat. If you have read just one of my blogs, you probably have picked up on my disdain of the summer heat. For the record, I disdain the summer … Read More

3 Hacks for Better Sleep

How many of you go to bed every night with a thousand thoughts going through your head? Does it seem like as soon as you decide to call it a day and lay down to rest, your brain has other ideas? Me Too! There are a few things I have found that has made a huge difference in my sleep … Read More

Me & My Five Women!

Over the Father’s Day weekend my family left the eternal heat of the North Carolina Piedmont and escaped briefly to the mountains where the temps can be 20 degrees cooler and where it feels like home. In case you can’t tell, the mountains are my happy place. Oh, and I’m not that fond of the summer climate of the southeast, … Read More

Make Your Bed

One of the first things I get my clients to do at home is make their bed. Sounds strange I know.   This something I’ve been doing for years now. Even though I most often get up before my smokin’ hot wife, I still make up my side of the bed. Warning: be gentle with this move or you will have … Read More

Where Have You Been!?

Where Have You Been? This maybe the question you are asking yourself about me, or maybe you haven’t even realized my social media absence. At any rate, I have been off the radar for several months now. It’s not because I ran out of things to talk about or that I am mad at the world. There has been a … Read More