Who is Jeff Switalski?

Jeff has been a part of the fitness world for over 20 years as a coach, trainer and gym owner. He has recently refined his focus from training and coaching just our bodies to building and teaching a concept that will change the game of fitness and more importantly, get consistent long term results.  


Our bodies have naturally always been the focus in the training world and this is still important. But if we don't train, feed and rest our emotions, minds and hearts as well, we will never see long-lasting, sustainable change in ourselves. Jeff’s comprehensive approach to “fitness” is unique, sustainable and remarkably effective. 


Jeff sold his gym in winter of 2017. Dealing with severe arthritis for decades, Jeff used the profits to have both his knees replaced and set out on a mission to hike 2190 of the Appalachian Trail and change his life. The trail was the perfect environment to figure out how Jeff could use his passion for fitness and his purpose to help people be better in the next stage of his journey. Through the miles, mountains, and sweat the 4 Circles were born. 


When he returned home Jeff was obsessed about crafting this idea into something real that he could share and teach to people from all walks of life all around the world. First, we need to train, feed and rest our emotions, mind, and heart, as well as our bodies in order to be truly happy, successful and productive. We also need to understand that there will always be obstacles and challenges but you can overcome them and live in your actual greatness. Lastly, we need to stay motivated for the long haul of life in order to work through those challenges and come out on the other side victorious. 


Jeff Switalski is a proud husband, father, communicator, coach, motivator, risk-taker, continuing student of life, and he truly cares about you and your success and happiness.


4 Circles of You


I am the first impression you leave and what everyone sees and focuses on. I am strong like a machine but do not know the difference between right and wrong. I am trainable and adaptable but I am subject to the other Circles. I am the simplest Circle of your being and I have limits. I will breakdown and when that happens it will affect the other parts.

—Your Body

I live in the moment. I am what you feel and make your experiences worth having. I express myself through the Body and am the result of how you handle circumstances and environments.  However, I can be unstable, undecided and unable to think about the future. I need help from the Mind and Heart to process and respond correctly to all life situations.  

—Your Emotions

I have the power to move you forward, release your untapped potential and set you free to live life like you always imagined it could be. I also have the power to hold you back, shut you down and allow you to fall short of your dreams. I am your will, your ability to be intelligent, confident, strategic, organized and driven. I make the plans and make the other circles carry them out. I also don't know the difference between right and wrong. Although I am dedicated and disciplined, I can be arrogant and controlling. I never stop working and I am controlled by the Heart. I am powerful and dangerous.

—Your Mind

I desire the best and greatest version of you, for you. I am Truth. I am your dreams, your desires, your passions, and your purpose. I am your loyalty and integrity. I am who you are when no one else is looking. I live in compassion, generosity, hope, and love. I have the strength, wisdom, and discipline to keep the other circles on track, but I will not fight to be heard. I am the still small voice that will always lead you to greatness, but you have to listen. Feed me with the “right” things and you will live life beyond your wildest dreams. Feed me with the “wrong” things and you will live from hell to hell.

—Your Heart

How It Works


By chasing what is important to you and anchoring you to those things that matter, you are able work hard day in and day out and actually enjoy the process. You are also given all of your passions, gifts and interests for a reason, to do what you created to do and have an absolute blast doing it. 


Balance growth in your 4 Circles is vital to your success and happiness. When you are working on your body, emotions, mind and heart you are building an elite machine that is ready to take on anything that life can throw at you.  As you grow stronger in one area the other areas benefit as well. You are equipping yourself with all the tools you need to become all you were created to be.



Having a vision of where you want to go and a map to get there is really the only way to reach your true potential. Having big dreams is great and something you should work towards, but big dreams can seem very intimitating and impossible. You need to break up that big dream into a map of manageable chunks and celebrate every small win along the way. 



Staying motivated is one of the biggest challenges to achieving want you you want to achieve. You may be able to bust out of gate with intensity and passion in the begining, only to fizzle out after the novelty has worn off. Staying motivated is not an act of will power, luck or genetics. Sustainable motivation is a learnable skill and is the key to putting all your other tools of success to optimal use.

What Others Say About Jeff

Jeff believed in me before I knew I could even believe in myself. He challenged me to set goals and walked with me to help exceed them. His desire to see the greatness in each and every person he comes in contact with is infectious. If you need help unlocking the potential within you, I couldn’t recommend Jeff Switalski fast enough!
Zach Powell, Pastor
Jeff has served as my coach, mentor, motivator, workout partner, and counselor. He has an incredible wisdom far beyond his years, and has the ability to provide a unique perspective on the issues and challenges of life. Jeff has an uncanny knack of making you feel like you are the only person in the world when you are talking with him. He genuinely cares about people.
Anne W. Morrison, Esq.
I was immediately drawn to Jeff’s high energy approach to not only training, but to life in general. Jeff has real world life experiences that allow him to be helpful without coming across as judgmental or critical. He is one of those rare individuals that inspire you just by the way they view and live their life.
Dr. Robert Rogers

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